Forged dies are constructed using special forged rule, 4140, S7, and Stainless Steel (to name a few). Die wall thickness is normally .25″(6.35mm) to .50″(12.7mm) with almost unlimited heights. The cutting edges are typically center bevel, Straight Inside Wall (SIW) or Straight Outside Wall (SOW).

Technical Details

Investment: Moderate

Size Options: Small to Medium-Large

Die Life: High (100,000 + impressions). A forged die can be re-leveled and re-sharpened many times as the heat treat process is a through hardening.

Tolerance: From 0.015″ (.38mm) to as tight as 0.005″ (.125mm) when machining is introduced.

Forged Dies Pictured: Forged Die with Machined Punches and Aluminum Pilot, Large Scale Forged Die with Locator, Machined Forged Die with Rubber Locators, Multiple Forged Dies, and Forged High-Die. 

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