In one way or another all of our dies are machined to a degree. What we are trying to showcase are the dies/products that are almost 100% CNC machined. These dies take much of the human element out of it. Machined dies are built using a solid piece of 4140, S7, A2 D2, and stainless steel to name a few options. Heights and bevels are almost unlimited.

Technical Details

Investment: Moderate to high

Size Options: Dictated by design, almost any size.

Die Life: High (100,000+ impressions). Like a forged die, machined dies can be re-leveled and re-sharpened many times.

Tolerance: From 0.005″ (0.127mm) to as tight as 0.002″ (0.05mm) Lathe, VMC. Implement Wire EDM and tolerance of .001″ (.025mm) can be achieved.

Machined Dies Pictured: Machined Custom Pink Rule, Precision Aligned Machined Die in Shoe, Machined Compression Mold Female (1 of 3), Machined Compression Mold (2 of 3), Machined Compression Mold Male (3 of 3), Machined Forged Die with Locator, Machined Gasket Die with Ejector Plate, Machined Lathe Turned Dies, and Machined Die with Ejection and Backer Plate. 

We can re-furbish, re-sharpen, revise and repair not only our machined dies but the machined dies of our competitors as well.

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