Match-metal dies are constructed using a solid S7, A2 or D2, to name a few options. Match-metal dies are also known as “punch and die”, “male/female” or “by-pass” dies.

These dies are used when one or more of the following are required; material is difficult to cut with a sharp edge die, tight tolerance, or you are faced with large production runs.

Technical Details

Investment: High

Size Options: Any

Die Life: Very high (1,000,000+ impressions).

Tolerance: As tight as 0.001″(0.025mm).

Match-Metal Dies Pictured: Anode/Cathode Battery Die, Anode/Cathode Battery Die Mounted, Typical Match-Metal Die Set, Sharp Edge and Match Metal, Small Match-Metal Die, Hand Actuated Match-Metal Die (With Rendering), and a Match-Metal Gasket Die in for Revisions. 

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